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SingingCat Module Development


The SingingCat Modules are entirely open-source. The components you may modify are:

  1. The Firmware on the module
  2. The Bootloader of the module
  3. The Firmware of the Wireless-chip

Most developers probably want to modify the application on the module. With this you can (for example):

  • Make the LEDs blink
  • Add new commands to the module
  • Trigger the output pins of the module
  • trigger "something" in a timed interval
  • connect to the internet (via wireless chip if your module has one)

and, if you are prepared to dive deeper into the code, you can modify pretty much every aspect of the module.


This section explains how you set up the development environment.

  1. Setup the IDE:
    We recommend "codeblocks" - a powerful IDE for C-Development. a preconfigured project file is within the git directory. You may download codeblocks from here:
    (Of course emacs or vi work just as well, if you prefer)
  2. Try it: open the file src-app/userhooks.c add "led_on(LED_BLUE);" to on_startup();
  3. Hit "build" in codeblocks (or make on the command line)
  4. verify you have a main1.bin in the directory "dist/firmware"
  5. Done - you have build the code....

If you want to flash this to modules, please read more here

Step 1: Opening the box