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Data Fields
command Struct Reference

Data Fields

char argbuf [256]
uint8_t argctr
int com
uint8_t connid
uint8_t encoding
uint8_t flags
int index
uint8_t invalid
uint8_t local_flags
uint8_t parserstate
long recipient
long sender
uint8_t sourcedev
long target

Detailed Description

Definition at line 10 of file command.h.

Field Documentation

◆ argbuf

char argbuf[256]

Definition at line 27 of file command.h.

◆ argctr

uint8_t argctr

how many args do we have?

Definition at line 24 of file command.h.

Referenced by process_command(), routing_request_reply(), set_config_flag(), and setcloudtoken().

◆ com

int com

◆ connid

uint8_t connid

◆ encoding

uint8_t encoding

◆ flags

uint8_t flags

◆ index

int index

local flags, not transmitted. commands index (as chosen by the sender)

Definition at line 13 of file command.h.

Referenced by get_arg_int_array(), get_arg_size(), get_config_flags(), get_data_reply(), getcloudtoken(), list_modules(), process_command(), send_command_fw_info(), send_command_reply(), and send_command_reply_with_args().

◆ invalid

uint8_t invalid

if non-zero, indicates an invalid command

Definition at line 21 of file command.h.

◆ local_flags

uint8_t local_flags

Definition at line 12 of file command.h.

◆ parserstate

uint8_t parserstate

helper var for the command parser

Definition at line 20 of file command.h.

◆ recipient

long recipient

who should RECEIVE (and perhaps forward) the packet?

Definition at line 15 of file command.h.

◆ sender

long sender

who ORIGINATED the packet?

Definition at line 14 of file command.h.

Referenced by list_modules(), and routing_request_reply().

◆ sourcedev

uint8_t sourcedev

◆ target

long target

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