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If you want to know more about the people behind this, read more about the team here.

SingingCat ltd.
Registered Office: 1 Kilmarsh Road, W6 0PL, London, UK

SingingCat UG
Registered Office: Schönhauser Allee 152, 10435 Berlin, Germany

Managing Director/Geschäftsführer: Conrad Wood


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All Our products are:

  • Completely Open-Source from firmware to application
  • Open with its hardware designs. Circuit diagrams are available.
  • Flexible and powerful. We built dooropeners, light switches, heating controllers, and much more with this board
  • Easy to modify (Read an introduction)
  • equipped with an over-the-air flash programmer
  • designed with security in mind: AES Encryption and ECC handshake
  • safe: a hardware watchdog resets the module to a preconfigured state in case of errors
  • capable of communicating with each other over radio and wireless (and more to come!). That is all done in the background so you won't have to worry about this.
  • Available for anyone to use, either directly or white-labelled as part of another product


Quickstart guide

Flashing, updating and provisioning of Modules is here

You can find the API documentation (protobuf) to access the modules on our servers here: HTML

You can find the API documentation of our modules here:API

A tutorial on how to add custom code to the modules:Simple Customisation

And here is how you blink remote lights: Remote Blinky

A description of the routing algorithm is available here: Routing Description



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Our Mission statement...

SingingCat, the one-stop shop/platform for IoT device management, for both start-ups and the manufacturing industry...

What we do

SingingCat is the first to market with a full stack, opensource, licensable IoT-as-a-Service offering.

From electronic engineering over connectivity, security, to cloud backend, remote debugging and logging as well as upgrades and rollouts, SingingCat has that one single platform to catch them all.

IoT-as-a-Service by SingingCat

...substantially facilitates management of those scores of IoT-enabled devices of various backgrounds out there on customer's premise, therefore eliminating the need for a manufacturer to reinvent the wheel again... letting especially startups focus on finding their own USP

We believe that the Internet of Things is not just about one particular device bound to a single app. Instead we believe, the true power of the Internet of Things comes when many devices 'know' about their environment. Then, since you can combine the devices, you can put much smarter rules in place. (Frankly, we don't think a home is 'smart' just because one can turn a light on or off with a smartphone app!). So all the information our devices have are there for you. Of course, none of it is reported to any servers in a cloud (unless of course you want to!).

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Singing Cat

The name was inspired by a chinese welcoming cat Maneki-neko (whilst Maneki-neko is actually a japanese word, this particular welcoming cat was of chinese origin). In 2011 (before whatsapp really took off and we all still used email) I thought it would be very useful to be notified of new emails. This should be a device which is not intrusive and belongs to the household. The first item I noticed was a cat waving her paw. Now, if only this could be made to wave only when there's email in the inbox, I thought...

At first, I used arduinos and rasperry PIs, which are a lot of fun, and one can share a lot of code with others. But it quickly made the livingroom look very untidy. It also didn't feel right to have to purchase a power-supply, a wifi-shield, a raspberry pi, and even a transistor, seperately, then write the code, and then solder it to a simple little device. And each time we changed the wifi password we had to get the device, plug it into a computer and upload new code via USB. This had to be easier.

After talking to several people, we thought, it would be great if it wouldn't only react to email, and if it not only be a cat, but a more generic device, but still 'ready-to-go' and 'plug'n play' and 'turnkey solution'.

And this is what all our products are: plug'n play but fully open and flexible so that you can decide what, when and how a device in your home or office does whatever you want it do.

If you want to know more about the people behind this, read more about the team here.

If you want to know more about the company, then read this.

In pictures: From prototype to PCB to product this.

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We do not process your credit card. We use a third party, called Square. We transmit your credit card and the amount to be debited to Square. In turn, they process the payment and inform us of the outcome. This means we do not store your credit card nor does it ever go through our systems. It is transmitted from your web browser directly to Square. We looked closely at Square and believe it is secure and takes privacy seriously.