Prepare workstation (linux)

SingingCat Modules register as "modems" on USB. Modems are a distinct USB class, and thus require no drivers. This simplifies installation.
A module will appear as /dev/ttyACMx.
We recommend the following udev rule:
SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0416", ATTRS{idProduct}=="5011", MODE="0666", KERNEL=="ttyACM[0-9]*",MODE="0666",SYMLINK+="singingcat-%s{serial}"
We recommend storing this rule in /etc/udev/rules.d/usb-acm0.rules, but please consult your distribution's handbook. This rule will add symbolic links, such as /dev/singingcat-m-XXX (where xxx is the module's unique identifier).
In our documentation we will refer to these symbolic links instead of /dev/ttyACMx.

Connect to wifi

You may use either command line or browser to connect the module to a wifi network.

Connect via command line

Open a terminal, e.g. minicom to access /dev/singingcat-m-XXX, with the following parameters: 115200 Baud, 8N1.
Example: minicom -8 -b 115200 -D /dev/singingcat-m-123
enter this into the terminal window:
Please replace "SSID" with your wifi network name and "PASSWORD" with the key to the access the wifi network. The modules come preconfigured for a network "singingcat-lab" and key "singingcat".

Connect via browser

If the modules are unable to connect to a wifi network, they create their own network. You will need the unique password for your modules' wifi network
Step #1: Please visit https://www.singingcat.net/ to find the unique password for your modules' access point
Step #2: Connect your workstation, laptop or mobile to the module access point. The wifi network name will be singingcat-xxx
Step #3: Use a webbrowser to browse to
Step #4: Enter your wifi ssid and key on the website and press save
The module will now connect to your wifi network.