Kit Description

This kit provides a remote-controlled mains switch. It is inserted in between a common mains plug and an electrical device (for example, a lamp). It provides a switch for the electrical device.. The power to the device connected into the switched plug will be either on or off.
The kit features Wifi and a 866Mhz radio. The kit may be connected to a wireless network and through this to the internet. Connection to the internet is required for remote operation. If the device is not connected to the internet, it can only be controlled by devices on the same network.
If the kit is connected to the internet, firmware modifications can be installed automatically or pushed to the device on demand. Firmware is open-source and may be end-user modified (see The kit may be switched on or off, by either
The protocols and interfaces are open-source. The kit can be used to implement custom automation.
Example Applications

Technical Data

Radio Wifi MCU Power

Installation Instruction

The mains plug consists of the module (a pcb) and a case to fit the pcb.

installation is quite simple:
Step 1: insert the module in the case:

Step 2: close the case and screw it tight: